How to add Bitmoji in Gmail in iphone?

Gmail is the game-changer in terms of email services. This application is used almost by billions and its users only have praises for it. Google has really put thoughts while developing this application. With new inventions happening every day, Gmail also develops itself to adapt to new inventions and components. Recently, Bitmoji has created all the hype among people, so Gmail also added this feature and now it enables a person to use Bitmoji in the email. If you want to know how to accomplish this task then continue reading.

  • As your first step, setup/ install Bitmoji keyboard in your iphone.
  • Now in your phone, open your Gmail application and it is needless to mention that you must log into your account if you already are not logged in.
  • In your account click on the new email option which has an icon of a pencil at the bottom right corner.
  • Now, add the mail of the recipient in the ‘To’ field and enter the subject of the email as well.
  • Once you reach the compose email area the keyboard will open automatically.
  • Now, on the keyboard click on the globe option, this shows the list of all the keyboards in your device.
  • Now to add the Bitmoji, you must select the Bitmoji keyboard which you downloaded before.
  • Now select the Bitmoji you want to send in the email. You may as well browse left side and then downwards to see all the Emojis.
  • Once, you have selected the Bitmoji you want then, a message will appear to confirm that its copied and then you can paste it in your email’s compost area.

This was all you have to do. You can call Gmail Technical Support Number +61 283206038 Australia. if you have any questions regarding this process or any other.

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