How To Delete Multiple Emails On Gmail?

To get rid of unwanted or old messages in Gmail is very easy. Everyone can learn this method even if you are a new user of Gmail website. No one can deny the fact that this email website is used by more than millions of users. That’s why people use to experience some issues as well. Let’s learn how to get rid of the unwanted message at once.

Deleting of messages in bulk-

  • Turn on your laptop and also your internet connection.
  • Visit the Gmail website on any web browser of your choice.
  • Enter the email address and the password correctly into the required fields.
  • Click Sign In button. Wait 2-3 seconds to load your profile.
  • Now, locate the emails which you wish to remove by scrolling down the Inbox section or by searching for a particular e-mail from the Search box.
  • Next, you have to select the emails which you wish to delete. Put a checkmark to delete the messages or you can also click on Select button.
  • When it is done, select the Trash icon to delete all such messages. This will move all the selected messages to the Trash folder.

Removing Starred And Un-Starred Messages-

To remove the starred emails, go to Starred on the left of the main Gmail dashboard. Moreover, you can click the Select button and choose starred. Users can also use the select menu and click on Un-starred messages.

If you want to delete the emails permanently from your account. Then, go to Trash folder mark all to select all the emails and then click on Trash folder to delete them permanently.

That’s all! Is the solution found to be easy? If not, you can contact us on Gmail Customer Support Number 1-800-431-287 and discuss your queries with our experts. Moreover, we can eliminate error messages which might occur while working on your Gmail account. If any user forgot the password of Gmail Id or the account got hacked then take our help to recover the account as soon as possible.


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